Seeing The Light

Trick your mind and "see" something that's not there. Examine and experiment with the properties of color, light and the mysterious mechanisms of human perception.

With over 80 exhibits, Seeing the Light allows visitirs to discover how the eye works, explore optical illusions and learn how we perceive the world around us with over.

Exhibition highlights include:

Rotating Light - Change voltage and frequency of rotation to form patterns created by a single beam of light.

Everyone is You and Me - You and a friend can morph your faces into one with light and mirror manipulation.

Anti-gravity - Learn about symmetry and see how a person can "float" and "hover" in the air. Experiment with the Anti-gravity mirror to make extra limbs appear or magically gain and lose weight in seconds.

Magic Wand - Wave a magic light wand to understand how light is reflected off an object and how the brain perceives the picture.

Touch the Spring - A spring looks real enough to touch, but is it really there? See if you can touch the spring while learning about concave mirrors.

Colored Shadows - Shadows can be formed in different colors. Create your own shadows in lavender, yellow, red, blue, green and black.

Venue & Timing

Time : Tue Feb 18 2020 at 09:30 AM to  Sun Feb 23 2020  10:00 AM
Venue : 47-01 111th Street Queens, NY 11368 (718) 699-0005, 47-01 111th Street Queens, NY 11368 (718) 699-0005, New York, New York City - 11368
Website :

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