9726 63rd Rd
Queens , New York City, 11374
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Georgian Cuisine & Glatt Kosher

Phone No : (718) 569-0600
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  Reviews of Marani

  • Nehemiah

    5 of 5

    There is a lot of love about this place. Sexy and intimate! Perfect for dates, birthday party, engagement event? Yes, it is great for that. It is Glaat Kosher, and it has veggie options most of all! Love the ambience. As calming as it was to walk in. It felt like a Manhattan restaurant in Queens without the schlep. From the delicious margarita to the hexagonal stone wine cellar, the interior creators went for simple yet elegant. Classy and chic

  • Carmen

    4 of 5

    I've only had Marani's khachipuri several times at catered events but let me tell you...they are good. All varieties! I know it's a relatively new restaurant and it happens to be the only kosher Georgian place in New York, and maybe the US, but so far they've really got their you-know-what together.

  • Danny

    5 of 5

    Honestly the best Georgian food I've had in NY. The breads are unbelievable and baked fresh to order. The kebabs and soups were also true and delicious

  • Ayla

    5 of 5

    Food is an out of the park home run. Service is attentive and enjoyable. Ambience is just right. Like I signaled above. 5 stars

  • Cade

    5 of 5

    Everything was stress-free, delicious, and well executed. Had a party of 30 adults and 5 kids and we couldn't be better-off with the food, service, table setup, and communications. Ana was superb, she worked with us to build a creative menu, and delivered everything as discussed via calls/text/email

  • Tiffany

    5 of 5

    We had a late lunch, triple sample sampler and then soup dumplings and braised beef stew. Also the bread. Everything was lovely and delicious. I highly indorse this place. Great service, beautiful decor and lovely server

  • Brooks

    5 of 5

    I love Eastern Europeans! Food. Wait. Let me start over. I was invited by a group of food fans to recently check out Georgian food. Not men. But their food is freaking bizarre. I had never had Georgian food but was especially enthusiastic about coming here because there is nothing I love more in life than overwhelming a boat of cheese and butter and egg encased in bread. Serious food coma walking out of here

  • Savanna

    2 of 5

    Okay food but bad facility on two separate visits. There's nothing like a bad attitude and inattentive wait staff to ruin a meal. I won't be back. Tips: the items with cheese are not kosher and the entire first floor is lawful. If you want the cheese pies consider doing a takeout. There's only a couple of seats in the cellar (the only place the non-kosher food can be spent). The basement is not appealing

  • Dillon

    5 of 5

    Came back again for Father's Day. So good. Had the megruli pie below and more Kebabs and the harcho soup and lamb soup dumplings. I love this place, the food and the atmosphere. Obviously will be coming back and consumption my way through the menu! :)

  • Tatum

    1 of 5

    I really can't say how the food was because when we came in for dinner I was met by a manager who asked if we had reservations? We were not aware by the website or when I called for directions that reservations were required. He was not obliging at All especially when the eatery was only half full!

  • Kellen

    4 of 5

    The staff was polite, attentive, helpful and patient, and adept at describing the food in detail and making recommendations for folks who are unfamiliar with the cuisine. The food was delicious and full of bold, amazing tastes, and (as proven by the other clienteles we saw) appeals to people of every nationality and background. The plethora of gluten-free options should appeal to people with diagnosed compassions or who are just, um, making sure.

  • Alejandra

    5 of 5

    "Marani" certainly has the scenery along with dishes that would normally be a rare find. Located in Rego Park, it's layout really captivates the audience --even Mark was impressed. Their menu has quite a variety of options (included is a drinks menu), especially with their entrees. I've sampled quite a variety of their dishes (shout out to Mark), many of which I was VERY impressed with. I would highly suggest ordering the (Georgian) dough before you start off the meal ... it can often take time for your order to be ready here

  • Armando

    5 of 5

    This restaurant has an amazing array of foods, and everything is so good. The dough always tastes fresh and so buttery, and the food is always very flavorful all around. I indorse that first timers try the Marani Technician with bread -- so so good.

  • Crystal

    5 of 5

    The mushroom barley soup, and the three piece lamb chop instalment were unconditionally delicious. The restaurant itself has a very welcoming and familial atmosphere to it. The staff have a down to earth aura, along with their expert and courteous approach to each customer, which is a wonderful mixture to this gem of a restaurant

  • Julius

    5 of 5

    Absolutely delicious food. One of my favorite kosher restaurants! Highly indorse everybody to try their soup dumplings! So yummy! Great service too!

  • Miriam

    5 of 5

    Our second time at this fabulous restaurant did not disappoint! Food was astonishing and everyone enjoyed. Tried the buckwheat, mushroom and bok choy, lobio bean stew and salmon kebab, yum

  • Ronald

    5 of 5

    Marani, a unique and unforgettable kosher Georgian restaurant in Rego Park, has become a real favorite of my family. We had never had Georgian food prior to visiting Marani, but we are fans now. As geography would imply, the cuisine is somewhere between Russian, Afghan and Turkish food. Lots of excellent kebabs and dumplings. I indorse their famous khinkali beef dumplings, the unusually shaped shotis puri bread, spinach phali appetizer, soko ketze (mushrooms baked in a clay pot), and the absolutely delicious adjaruli (a bread bowl with beef and mushrooms, flavored with tarragon and decorated by a fried egg).

  • Raegan

    5 of 5

    Very authentic unusual food but very good food I definitely will recommend this place to my friends

  • Marshall

    5 of 5

    Rounding up from a 4.5 here. Was all the food I've had there astonishing? No. The meat pie was a little dry and some other plates were forgettable. But... those meat skewers, juicy and flavorful, keep me coming back. My favorites are the lula (ground beef and beef mix) and chicken thigh. They also get points for serving non-pork soup dumplings (khinkali).

  • Kara

    5 of 5

    Marani was an amazing surprise. Our cousin optional coming to a Kosher restaurant for a get together in Rego Park. Marani completely blew away my expectations.

  • Marcos

    5 of 5

    We loved Marani! What an astonishing gem in Rego Park! The food was new, exciting and delicious and you got to eat the meat and cheese dishes on a different floor. I have never had such amazing cheese cash before!

  • Caitlyn

    3 of 5

    I have been invited on several times to this particular restaurant and inappropriately can't place more then two stars for hospitality and friendliness of this place , in particular, this place is not a child friendly and not child helpful

  • Arthur

    5 of 5

    Very good true Georgian cuisine. The Khachipuri is delicious, fresh salad is fresh as expected, and the lamb chops are cooked to perfection. No need to go to brooklyn to get a cheese fix. The only thing is they got two grounds, one kosher and the other not, a little troublesome but still worth the trip.

  • Paris

    5 of 5

    My friends have been raving about this place forever and decided to give it a shot. Food was fantastic. The chicken kebab was probably the best I've ever had and overall we were very awe-struck. We ordered the classic Georgian plates which were good and optional to try something new and different. But taste wise- the kebabs were on another level. Definitely recommend coming here

  • Taylor

    5 of 5

    I came here last night and had the BEST time. The food is unbelievable, the portions are huge, the price is reasonable, and the staff is so friendly. We got a couple of cocktails to start- the Dill or No Dill. My boyfriend and I both like pickles, and this cocktail definitely hit the spot.

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