70-21 Austin St Forest Hills
Queens , New York City, 11375
4 of 5 47 Reviews

Inspired by two of the greatest cuisines on both sides of the Pacific ocean, Kissfish offers made-to-order poke bowls (pronounced poh-kay), as well as sushi hand rolls and sushi wraps that are as instagrammable as they are fresh and delicious. Whether you’re in the mood for healthier take-out options in the neighborhood, or simply looking to share a delicious meal with friends, stop by our Forest Hills location and get hooked on Hawaii and Japan’s most popular dishes. With the best of both cuisines under one roof, you just can’t go wrong! So go ahead, double up on protein after that last workout, or go light if you rather with one of our signature poke bowl salads -the possibilities are endless, and the choice is always yours! Stop by today!

Phone No : (718) 269-0881
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  Reviews of Kissfish

  • Alexander

    4 of 5

    Staff is friendly and helpful! The fish is fresh and the bowl is very satisfying. I love that you can pick half rice and half salad because I forever almost never finish the rice at other poke spots. I must come back and try the handrolls

  • Patrick

    3 of 5

    I cannot stress how much potential I think this place has to go from life form good to great! I placed my first order via Uber Eats and was really looking onward to trying the new poke spot in the neighborhood. Regrettably, they forgot one of the two bowls in my order. It's forever annoying when these things happen. The person I spoke to on the phone was methodically apologetic and assured me they'd send their own delivery person over with my food as soon as possible. I appreciated the ease in which they handled everything. I really think that well-organized and quick service recovery is important and shows that organization knows what they're doing

  • Samuel

    5 of 5

    Today was my first time visiting this place. I was recommended by a friend that has been here many times. I was not sure what to expect but when I arrived the place was small but cozy. The staff was friendly and welcoming. The bowls we filled with a generous amount of toppings. I will defiantly be coming back here and bringing my friends. Don't forget to grab a loyalty card at the front desk

  • Raymond

    5 of 5

    Awesome poke compared to what I have eaten in flushing and Chinatown! forever very generous on the toppings they give. For the price, it's wonderful worth it in the heart of forest hills. Order in store for a cheaper price of 10.95 per bowl instead of 11.95 on yelp!

  • Gregory

    4 of 5

    Very Pleasant Sushi Bowl. My boyfriend optional this place and goes all the time (they have a card where they punch holes everytime you come in; if you come in i consider its ten times you get a free bowl). The price is very good for a sushi bowl with two proteins, unlimitted toppings, and a sauce. I ordered the brown rice with eel and salmon and not all the toppings but with about 6 toppings. I also additional the wasabi mayo which is pretty spicy when you get the pieces with a lot of mayo mixed in. I felt the spic go all the way up my nose into the sinus cavity of the forehead. Good thing i like wasabi spice. perhaps its better to get other sauces or to get the wasabi mayo on the side. If i am every have a sinus infection, i am coming here LOL. Anyways, great food, nice and hefty portions and quick service. Definitely stop by.

  • Benjamin

    5 of 5

    We were craving a poke spot and this truly fulfilled that craving. The food was so high-quality and the pricing was sensible. A bowl was approximately $10. The restaurant was a cute little place

  • Frank

    5 of 5

    Finally! A place to get hand-rolls and poke bowls in Queens. I love their menu, I think the price are great, they have good service, and super yummy foodstuff!!

  • Brandon

    5 of 5

    One of my favorite poke spots. Prices for a fully loaded poke bowl is approximately $11-13. But it is worth it. So many toppings. Customer service is excellent. You can be seated and they bring you the food. It is also a clean environment. They have hand sanitizer obtainable. They also recycle.

  • Scott

    2 of 5

    I realllllly required to love this place. I've tried on numerous occasion. Even chanced it on delivery. They get my order wrong. Every. Time. We go in for lunch and they gave our order to someone else. Had to wait another 25 minutes with two toddlers. TODDLERSSSS WAITING. Lol then they skipped out on half of our toppings

  • Justin

    4 of 5

    pleasant poke place at 71st! Maybe the only place in the Austin/Rego park area? They take credit cards. The seats are incomplete and the ingredients are fresh! The place is simple. You can choose the combo handrolls deals or build your own bowl or why not both when you're super hungry? Handroll Combo: You get 1 choice of protein and 2 choices for toppings and sauce for each handroll.

  • Larry

    4 of 5

    Definitely a pretty good value for poke. I've been here twice and so far the ingredients have all been pretty fresh. It's nice that you can choose as many extra toppings as you want. I've stuck to the salmon for the the majority part and I heard you don't get a lot eel. Other than that its a solid value for forest hills at 10 dollars a bowl.

  • Jonathan

    4 of 5

    Kissfish is a welcome addition to the Forest Hills lunch dining scene. As one of the first and only restaurant that serve Poke on the menu, it may not necessarily be authentic, but it's pretty darn tasty! They definitely do not skip of the protein here, the poke and the handrolls are filled nicely. The sauces accompany and don't overwhelm the poke bowls. The fish is fresh (although on one occasion it did smell fishy, hopefully a one time occurrence) and the pickup quick. The lunch specials are definitely a deal

  • Stephen

    4 of 5

    It's about time poke bowl opened around this area. repair was great. Prices are great. I ordered a poke bowl, with sushi rice. Spicy tuna and salmon. As for the toppings, I got mango, cucumbers and avacados. I was recommended to get the Yuzu sauce (a sweet sauce), which was really good. The fish was really fresh and tasty. It was very filling in general. A dowside would be that they do give you too much rice.

  • Eric

    4 of 5

    Kissfish is a happy surprise here in Forest Hills. We were being inundated by ice cream shops, burger joints and medical practices but oddly enough, no Poke Bowls or Sushi-ritos - until NOW! As we close out this week, it marks the end of their soft opening. depending on which staircase you go up, you may pull a silly and try to walk through the glass in the front - the door is on the surface guys... The inside is stark, unfilled but clean. The staff, friendly

  • Nicholas

    4 of 5

    So incredible happy I ran into this place on Austin road. Was meeting my friend for a quick bite in the afternoon and who doesn't love a high-quality Pole bowl. You have a few options on the menu. You can either day a standard sushi roll, or a la carts wrap or bowl. My friend and I determined to try the poke bowl and were not disappointed! The ingredient are all fresh and the variety is great! You can start with either brown or sushi rice, choice of 2 proteins. But the Best part is limitless toppings ranging from avocado, edamame,ginger, cucumber, mango, Kano, Ikura, to corn and a few more. For 10 including a drink, you can enjoy a fresh poke bowl custom made just how you like it! What's not to love!!! Highly recommend this place even though parking is always a nuisance in Forest Hills

  • Gary

    4 of 5

    Nice adding to the Forest Hills neighborhood. easy concept with poke bowls and hand wraps. They have loads of toppings which was nice. I ordered the three hand rolls and they were all tasty. The fish tasted fresh. I love kani as one of their toppings and just for fun I added mango to one of my rolls. It was 3 for $10 and I think 5 for $15. Next time, I'll try their poke bowl instead.

  • Jacob

    5 of 5

    Can you say Wow! gravely, make your own wrap (which is a giant hand roll) you can make it any way you want it. Highly recommend this place. I was astonished that the fish was fresh and yummy I ate 1 and was full so I'm saving the rest. I'm definitely going back again. Can also make a bowl which looks good.

  • Ryan

    4 of 5

    Another welcome addition to Forest Hills. While this is not breaking any earth in terms of amazing poke, it is definitely good and nice to have a destination for poke in the area. This trend has been rising, and I hope they stay. You get your choice of three types..a bowl, a sushi burrito, or hand rolls. Then you pick your rice, your protein (up to 2), and basically unlimited toppings of your choice, and custom sauce. Healthier food option, and customizable to your taste. Only complaint is how small the room is, so very limited seating.

  • Jeffrey

    5 of 5

    A neighborhood gem tucked between a dessert spot and a fast food joint. What a welcome adding just as I was look for a tasty, healthy, fresh meal. The fish is fresh, the spicy selection - salmon, tuna, yellowtail - boasts just the right amount of spice and umami and is not over-powering. (I hate places that put so a great deal spice either to mask that the fish isn't fresh or the chef is too heavy handed.) I loved it so much I went back twice in one day. The rice to fish ratio of the hand-roll is perfect. Also do they toast the seaweed because it's so crispy? I recommend coming here to pick up a quick snack or for a meal.

  • Jason

    5 of 5

    I totally know why this place has such high review. It's so delicious!! There's not as many options for add ins as other places but since I got almost everything, it was super filling. They only offer the option of 2 proteins but I felt like it was still sufficient and it made my meal cheaper... only $9.95 compared to $12/$13 at other places. The main plus of this place is the avocado topping which is INCLUDED! Incredible! Also, their spicy tuna option is sooo tasty and actually spicy, go figure. I think the one drawback for me would be the fact that the kani isn't kani salad so I had to shred the stick of kani myself. Even so, I highly advocate this poke place for anyone in the queens area.

  • Timothy

    4 of 5

    I was so excited to find out that a Poké a spot opened up not too far from where I live. As a Poké advocate, I had to make sure this place out. It's relatively small, but there's enough seats for you to enjoy a quick lunch with a friend or whatever. The staff here is very welcoming and nice which is always a plus. What I really like about this particular spot, is that their prices are relatively cheaper compare to other Poké places in the city. Usually you pay $14/$15 for a bowl and that can be due to extra charges for certain toppings and/or proteins, but luckily this place doesn't do that! For a simple price of $9.95 you can get up to two proteins and all the toppings they offer and a sauce! They have three base option for the bowls sushi rice (which is flavored nicely) brown rice, or salad (they charge you a dollar additional for that option) I also like that they offer hand Rolls as well as sushi wraps. They prepare the dinner service in front of you kind a like how they do at Chipotle, so you can see what they're putting in your bowl which is huge because if you want to add something you can.

  • Ronald

    4 of 5

    Nice to have in the neighborhood. I ordered a pokebowl for $10.95. I was known a choice of rice, protein (up to 2), toppings and sauce. My bowl had brown rice, spicy tuna, salmon, shredded nori, mango and house classic sauce. The basin was really delicious! The toppings are quite fresh. I also had a can of cold green tea, which costs about $2. -1 star because I think the pokebowl has a little too a great deal rice and not enough toppings. My friend, who also ordered a pokebowl agrees. The house classic sauce doesn't taste like anything to me but soy sauce. I'm not sure if they by chance put the wrong sauce in my bowl, but if what they put in was house classic sauce it was really nothing particular. What turned me off about this place is that I asked for a cup of tap water and the lady behind the register said they don't have tap water. So I pointed at the running tap behind her and I said, "That. I'll have that water, please". She said they don't have a cup to put it in. I never hear of a restaurant that doesn't have cups. I don't think I was ask for much. My friend asked for spicy tuna in his pokebowl but was given regular tuna instead. I think this was an honest mistake so I will let this one glide in my ranking.

  • Edward

    5 of 5

    This is a great addition to the neighborhood! The poke bowls are quite a hearty version and for the price, a great deal. The fish and other ingredients were so fresh and tasty. They could be a bit heavier on the sauce, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Brian

    4 of 5

    Ordered a set of 5 hand rolls and a poke bowl during my last visit, as I was ravenous. The customizability was great for the previous, as I created several distinct and interesting combinations, range from a salmon/avocado to yellowtail/pineapple. The latter was easier, as I added as many items as possible. The green tea mochi was also high-quality coda at the end.

  • Kevin

    4 of 5

    I was never chiefly fond of poke because I have an odd disdain for chunks of sashimi method raw fish (but favor it mashed up like hot tuna or spicy salmon). However my husband does like poke so we decided to check it out after I had bare it via a Forest Hills Facebook group page. Inconveniently located at the back the giant pillar of the building, it is not easy to spot since it is nearly completely covered. Inside it is clean and just renovated. There was several small tables to dine in but this is mostly a takeout organization. And the prices? Wow so affordable especially for this neighborhood. It's costs about $10 for a poke bowl which allows for up to two proteins and unlimited toppings. You customize the bowls with your choice of proteins, rice or salad, toppings, and sauces.

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