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Queens , New York City, 11373
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Vietnamese Sandwiches (both Traditional & Modern), Specialty Fries (Kimchi Fries & JoJu Banh Mi Fries), Vietnamese Iced Coffee, Bubble Teas, Chicken Wings, Green Tea Infusions, Milkshakes.


Established in 2011.

Founded by two husband and wife teams, JoJu Modern Vietnamese Sandwiches, opened on July 11, 2011, as the first and sole Banh Mi Specialty shop in Queens.  

A lot of customers ask "How did JoJu come up with their name"? JoJu's name is a combination of two founders'/owners' names, Joanna  (JoJo) and Julie (JuJu), two sisters who decided it was time that their hometown, Queens, had their own Banh Mi specialty shop.  With passion to create traditional as well as modern twists of  Vietnamese sandwiches, JoJu currently has a total of 17 different Vietnamese sandwiches on the menu. 

JoJu merges flavors from Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese background with Vietnamese flavors. The fusion creates a modern twist to JoJu's banh mi's and leaves an everlasting impression on your taste buds. Not to be overshadowed by their wide variety of banh mi, JoJu's Kimchi Fries and JoJu Banh Mi fries will also keep your taste buds hungry for more!

Phone No : (347) 808-0887
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  Reviews of JoJu

  • James

    5 of 5

    JoJu is an Elmhurst chief. They've remained here for over a period. I've accepted by this spot so many times over the years, but I've only been private for the first time just lately. It can be hard to get a seat, dependent on what time you go. Typically early midafternoons are busiest as that is when university ends and a lot of the local university students hang out here after. It gets less crowded later on around 4-5pm.

  • Isabella

    5 of 5

    If you live in the part about Elmhurst, this home will continually be a bit of a trek to get to, but for me, that trek is continually worth it. Over the ages, have maybe frequented this residence more than a dozen times. Existence Vietnamese and initially from Southern California, it would be hard busy to find any good Vietnamese food in NYC. Majority of the decent tasting, good excellence Viet places are either overpriced or not actually Viet (Chinese/other ethnicity owners helping what their fusion/modernized rendition of Viet food like Pho).

  • Mason

    5 of 5

    Afterward a morning expended at Citifield, I rifled for a eat spot, which led me to Elmhurst, Queens. With so many extremely rated reviews at one $ sign in cost, it was a low risk best. You had me at bulgogi, as this sandwich, with the liquid egg on it was the bomb, and not just in term only.

  • Sophia

    5 of 5

    Previously noticing Joju, my beloved spot to get a Bahn Mi was Bahn Mi Saigon in Chinatown. However, Joju's modern take on the Bahn Mi won me finished. Their menu boasts an inspiring array of diverse sandwiches, with honey pork, chicken, bulgogi, and even vegan ham. All these options to modify and test with different twists on this Vietnamese main ensure that unknown will walk out of Joju without a smile on their expression

  • William

    4 of 5

    I'd been pointing to try this residence for a while and I lastly walked in today. I had misused couple of yelp events at this place and I can no lengthier handle not annoying it out now since I was in the neighborhood.

  • Ava

    5 of 5

    Unknown but love for Joju! This resdence Has not different in a helpful way, when it derives to flavor and taste. They made me an wonderful pork salad that I literally consumed in a minutes. The juices from the beef made the salad blast with goodness. After years of not transitory by I'm glad I strolled back into your lifetime Joju will you taKe my belly for lifetime?

  • Liam

    4 of 5

    f you are watching for a outdated banh mi- this is not it. This is extra like asian union twist on the banh mi- don't get me incorrect it is pretty decent but just dont imagine a outdated banh mi with pate, meat, cliantro, etc..

  • Olivia

    5 of 5

    One of the greatest banh mi sandwiches you'll find wherever. Much like the specific give of real land JoJu's flagship site is located on, JoJu's food brings collected the best of many worlds

  • Noah

    4 of 5

    This home is a new revenue on Vietnamese sandwiches. My favorite is to not stray away after institution, therefore i didn't like the pork belly sandwich as much as somebody else force. If I had to liken the outdated roast pork sandwich to extra places in Chinatown NY I would say this residence doesn't stack up as well. Not to say the sandwich was bad. Just slightly diverse but still tasty!

  • Emma

    5 of 5

    I was about the area and my sister in law thought joju was one of her beloved spots, so we definite to grab lunch ! They have a truly cool menu! I over up receiving the lemon chicken bowl and my sister in law finished up getting the bulgogi bowl. The facility was quick and the food was fantastic! Very filling and very satisfying.

  • Alondra

    5 of 5

    Came here on a Monday morning, place was attractive empty. Got the banh mi fries with an egg. The egg was a little too cooked so the yolk wasn't runny, but other than that, very delightful! I love durian and was super excited once I saw that they had durian smoothy. SO GOOD

  • Hector

    5 of 5

    I truly enjoyed their kimchi fries , my taste buds are still going crazy with the explosion of flavors. The Bahn Min is excellent , and the veggie are fresh which I truly love. I highly recommend anyone traveling to New York City to try JoJu , and see their twist on Vietnamese food. One more thing they have excellent client service on top of uncountable food that I'm eating.

  • Kayleigh

    4 of 5

    Still my all time favorite Vietnamese Snack spot and the JoJu fries. YUM! But the drinks needs some improvements. The Thai Iced Tea is probably the one I like the most as of the other drinks on the menu, it tasted like flavor water with lots of sugar. I have to say the quality and quantity of ingredients of the sandwich continued the same each time I return so it's worth the hectic drive here from Brooklyn

  • Jeffrey

    4 of 5

    Joju is a wonderful place to get fresh, flavorful Banh Mi. Upon first walking into this trendy spot, I was skeptical. The bright colors, kitschy signs and cute drawings smelled like a traveler trap in comparison to the other restaurants on the block.

  • Ashlynn

    4 of 5

    JoJu must be the acronym for when Joe Jonas and Julia Roberts inevitably (eventually) out-Demi-and-Ashton Demi-and-Ashton, and get the f*** together and develop an item. But it's not. It's this place.

  • Zion

    5 of 5

    Personal favorite that I crave at least once a week! When you put composed my two favorite things, nothing can go wrong! (Vietnamese + French Fries) This is my third time here and I always get till I can't take another bite. I've tried the Bulgogi banh mi, Kimchi Fries, Banh Mi Fries, Chicken wings, and pork belly banh mi.

  • Leslie

    5 of 5

    Will always give this place 5 stars no matter how many times I go. I'm so glad I live near this place. It's always a goto if I'm hungry and don't know what to get. Their bahn mis are so filly and there are so many options for you to select from. I usually either go for the Lemongrass Chicken bahn mi or the Cart bahn mi.

  • Troy

    4 of 5

    So ever since I tried Banh Mi Boyz in Toronto Canada, I've always hoped and wished to find a place just like it. Although I haven't found that place just yet, this one originated close. Luckily, we found time in our agenda to try this place on 11/15/17 on our last day in NYC.

  • Leilani

    5 of 5

    Ever since JoJu unlocked they've been serving up delicious and excellence modern viet sandwiches I got the JoJu bomb me and it was BEYOND filling but I couldn't stop myself from finishing the entire thing even when i hit my point of gluttony halfway through. The flavors are so vibrant and you can definitely taste the cleanness in the fixings from the carrots to the bread.

  • Edgar

    5 of 5

    Absolutely delicious Viet Honey pork sandwhich- spicy! I've been here previously and had the regular bbq pork sand which- which has bigger pieces of pork and isn't as savory. I'm so happy with the new decision I made! Short wait. Wasn't super busy. Treasurer was nice

  • Lola

    5 of 5

    I can see why this place is as popular as it is. All is dirt cheap, the food is packed with flavor and they give you a card. Every 10 check in (with purchase of $10 per time) you get a free sandwich. So good food and incentive to come back for free food??? Yes.

  • Alexis

    4 of 5

    I have been maddening to go to this place for incessantly, but I just never carved out the time. I truly regret not carving out time earlier. JoJu has a large assortment of food items to choose from--it's hard to go and not want to try everything. So far, I've tried the JoJu sandwich, the beef bulgogi sandwich, the banh mi fries, and the Vietnamese coffee.

  • Lucia

    3 of 5

    My favorite here is the pork belly banh mi. I've also strained the banh mi fries because I've seen so many pictures of it and I think an insider video too?? I'd give give the fries a 2.5/5 because there's nothing really special about it. It's just a different topping and you can select to add an egg for +$1.

  • Andre

    4 of 5

    I've never been here in being, but my friends brought me my order to a movie night in the park. I got a Bulgogi Bomb Me, which really was the bomb! Plentiful Bulgogi and I loved the daikon mixed with carrots. The reason why I'm charitable this place 4 stars instead of 5 was that there was no kimchi in my snack, which I was quite looking forward to

  • Cecilia

    3 of 5

    Small banhmi shop with around 5 tables. Chill environment. Very busy. They sell milkshakes and fries. They automatically give rewards stamp cards during purchase. Each banhmi is about $10. They were very helpful in cutting the banhmi into different portions and bag each portion. You can choose amid how well done for the egg and level of spiciness

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