Comfort Inn & Suites

124-18 Queens Blvd Kew Gardens, NY 11415 United States
Kew Gardens , New York City,
2 of 5 17 Reviews
Comfort Inn & Suites

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Phone No : (520) 979-3854
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  Reviews of Comfort Inn & Suites

  • Scarlett

    1 of 5

    Most dreadful customer service I've ever encounter!!! Would give them 0 stars if I could. I have family coming in from abroad who booked reservations almost 3 months ago for an Xmas week stay; they received a cancellation notice during Thanksgiving week due to renovation (it's a new hotel, btw). Upon calling middle reservations and the front desk, exposed they did have availability for some of the days but overbooked & bumped cheapest reservations, citing "water damage".

  • Madison

    1 of 5

    horrifying horrible....never stay here. even if it's cheaper don't. we paid $134 for one night double beds with duty. never again. beds were uncomfortable and hard. had stains in the bed sheets, bathroom layout is terrible. then we heard people fighting at 6am in the daybreak where cops where called. just dont stay here its not worth it at all

  • Ella

    5 of 5

    astonishing practice! The rooms were clean and the staff was gracious! The beds were comfortable and the welcome was superb!

  • Sofia

    1 of 5

    This was the worst understanding I ever had in a hotel. We were gone from our room for larger than 12 hours, and our room was very soon as we left it: messy sheets, no towels, and dirty towels on the floor. When we got backside to the room, my husband called the front writing table, and a girl, who says her name is Jennifer, answer.

  • Avery

    1 of 5

    I try to book a block of rooms for my upcoming marriage at this Comfort Inn, as it's convenient to our venue. My mother-in-law stayed here in September and was told that the block would be no problem at all, and that our names had been put down in go forward of the booking. When we went to book in January, we were told that they were not taking group bookings, and had not been taking them for months. So either we were lied to or the staff was grossly bungling; it wouldn't be a draw out to think it was both.

  • Elizabeth

    2 of 5

    My boyfriend stayed here for more than a few weeks while visit the city. He was not frightened with the overhaul, as he often had to wait for hours to receive basic services. When he first came into his room, the Internet Service and the TV were not working. If you are not very picky with where you stay, and want to hold up franchise businesses then you may be alright with stay here. However, if you are look for good, on-demand service, and a responsive staff I dont know that this is the best choice.

  • Emily

    1 of 5

    The guy at the front desk sunlit refuse to allow my husband access to the restroom while he was checking us in. After a long drive from Maryland (we did have bathroom breaks on the way) but once we hit traffic in NY for about 2 hours he really had to go when we arrived. Sunny claimed there was no restroom. My husband argued with him that he's a customer & asked him which bathroom he uses to which his response was he has his own bathroom for HIS use only. Then my husband asked him what if this was an elderly person checking in or someone who can't hold it to which he said he'd tell them the same exact thing & went on to say that's the same thing he tells the people who live in the apts as well. Then he tried to hurry up with our register so we could make it to the room & use the lavatory. Once we got to the room I called him to tell him that the toilet was constantly running and making a loud noise to which he said he'd send someone to check it. About 1-1/2 hours later no one came so I called him back and he said "oh it's still doing it I'll send a celebrity". Well of course someone should have been there from my first call since I never cancelled it. They supposedly fixed it but it still did it on & off from side to side the night Just not as bad as in the beginning. We went down to the lobby later & someone else was at the front desk so I asked her if I could use the restroom & she said sure what's your room number? I told her & she proceeded to give me the key for the bathroom right down there but I told her it's ok I'll wait. I really just required to see if Sunny was telling the truth. Upon checking out I asked the other lady where I could file a complaint & told her what happened. She was surprised & asked why he would even do that he's the manager. I told her I dnt knw but she confirmed that the restroom is available with a key for clients. So we feel like not only was Sunny rude, he also refused to give him access to the restroom. He exemplified extremely poor customer service even rudely arguing back and forth with my husband as well. Of course because he was rushing he gave us no info as is usually provided at check-in such as breakfast times etc. He was rude & arrogant & by no means is he even qualified to be a manager.

  • Harper

    1 of 5

    In my life I have on no account been more insulted by poor service at a hotel. We came back to the hotel at 10:30 pm to find the room had not been cleaned. Hotel staff was totally indifferent, and was annoyed with me for raise the issue. When I asked for sheets and towels so I could do it myself, I was told "they'll be sent up". I asked when that would be and she said "I don't know." at what time we left the hotel at 11:30 at night, nothing had been done. As we left the hotel, the desk clerk faked a yawn to make it clear how little she cared about the situation. The breakfast was below average and the gym tackle didn't work, but that is stuff I can live with. Refusing to supply a clean place to sleep is beyond the pale. apologetic I can't give 0 stars.

  • Abigail

    1 of 5

    I'm a option hotels platinum member and I be able to state that of all the Choice hotels I've stayed in, this one is clearly at the very underneath. I was here for a week on business and it's much easier to list off the bad points than post the good. Mind you, this is still a fairly new hotel and the hotel itself take up only 9 floors of this 20 floor construction. Floors 10 and up are regular apartment tenants.

  • Evelyn

    1 of 5

    belief me, don't squander your time. Customer service SUCKS. They are SO rude on the phone and don't care to solve any of your issues at all. This hotel is definitely not worth the money. I booked multiple rooms to stay here for my marriage and they are not making this straightforward at all. They clearly don't heed about the money. Horrible horrible experience I regret booking this so much.

  • Amelia

    1 of 5

    ZERO STARS. If I could give a unenthusiastic 10 rating, I would. I have never been in a creepier hotel in my life. DO NOT STAY HERE! There were random men in the elevators getting off and random floors, and random people sitting in the staircases. It was so creepy and as a women, I felt tremendously unsafe. The elevator we were in didn't have a key scanner to make sure the people in it were actually staying in the hotel. There was a strange noise beep all night that would not stop. The shower curtain was 3 inches off the ground and flooded the entire bathroom and there was no fan to circulate the air. outlook is also awful. I have stayed at Comfort Inns in the past and have had good experiences, but this hotel made me feel completely risky, I even barricaded the door when we were sleeping.

  • Charlotte

    1 of 5

    surprised and appalled to learn just now that the Comfort Inn, at 124-18 Queens Blvd. (718) 489-9090, was unbelievably rude to my out-of-town relatives tonight. rising up in the hospitality industry (#RegentsRow), I'm disgusted to learn of how visiting family was treated in my hometown. My brother and sister-in-law are too nice to criticize, but this local boy is not. Wasn't able to reach anyone at corporate office tonight after experiencing first-hand on the phone that the management has no concept of customer service. #cantgivezerostars

  • Mia

    3 of 5

    stay here over the Memorial Day Weekend. Apparently, this hotel opened a few weeks ago. Had a 2 queen bed room. The floor were pretty dusty, especially behind the place that sits the room phone and clock. Pillows were a little hard but the bed was comfy. We were suitated about 3 rooms down from the elevators, so you might hear when the doors opened. The floors were hardwood, so we could hear the ppl above us walking or dropping things. Our person to ensure on our stay over, didn't arrive until about 3pm Sunday daylight. Parking is $25 per day , but since we arrived on a Saturday we found free street parking on the other side of the street. You can park infront of the hotel on sundays for free.Otherwise, you can try your luck at finding street parking as this hotel sits near a neighborhood.

  • Sophia

    1 of 5

    This "hotel" is naught more than a on the streets shelter. That's right, a homeless shelter. In October of 2017, this "hotel" allowed the City of New York to begin housing homeless men in its rooms. There are many of them still stay there right now. Look it up online, there are news articles which confirm what I am saying. The owners of the hotel and the city do not care about the risk of having so many homeless men staying in a place that is not designed to be a shelter, and in a quiet region that is not equipped to deal with homeless men roaming the streets all day and night. Having so many homeless men in an surroundings that is ill-equipped to handle them poses serious safety risks. In other words, steer clear of this place for your own good. Stay ANYWHERE else, don't pay over 150 a night or whatever they are charging to stay in A HOMELESS protection.

  • Isabella

    1 of 5

    I would not advise staying at this exacting location. in spite of having a reservation with card information on file, the clerk made me wait over 30 minutes in the lobby before she could get me my keys. This building is a mixed unit building, as there were people walking around barefoot and in night clothes going from floor to floor. Only 1 winch can be used for hotel guests and it is very slow. The rooms were not very quiet, as I could hear folks around me at all hours of the day/night.

  • Olivia

    1 of 5

    This lodge is being used as a dispossessed haven. Think twice before you check your family into this place.

  • Emma

    3 of 5

    I'm writing this review on behalf of my parents who recently stayed at the Comfort Inn. in general they were satisfied especially because of the nearness to the Kew Gardens/Union Turnpike subway station, plenty of bus stops around the hotel, and the LIRR station. The continental breakfast included in the room was plentiful, and there was also a free coffee and water position in the lobby.

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