Cipollina Gourmet

116-09 Queens Blvd
Queens , New York City, 11375
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Cipollina Gourmet


Cipollina specializes in fine Italian gourmet products. We have a large selection of cheeses, salumi, extra virgin olive oils--simple or flavored and a large selection of pasta--fresh and frozen.  

We carry many gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and organic items and we constantly have new products coming in!


Established in 2015.

As local residents, we felt something was missing in the neighborhood and we wanted to bring something special to the Boulevard.  We love providing high-quality food just as much as we love explaining its history, a background on its origins and the people who produce it. 

Food unites us, it ties us together, food is common ground, a universal language. 
Food is family, it's love, it's everything.

So whether you are coming in for a loaf of bread, a cappuccino or for an entire haul of groceries, we want to make sure that you leave with a smile on your face.  

This store is family owned and operated and always will be.

Phone No : (718) 520-5444
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  Reviews of Cipollina Gourmet

  • Mark

    5 of 5

    Great grocery /deli. Very authentic. I take pleasure in the paninis and their meats. Very fresh. Store is particularly clean, very easy to find what you might be looking for.

  • Dorothy

    5 of 5

    Prosicuttio , Fontina, and Egg!! Wow. Could eat 3-4 additional Wish it was afternoon so I could have one of many great craft beers on sale here stay up great job!!

  • Donald

    4 of 5

    I asked L to choose a panini sandwich even though he didn't want to, to share for a quick snack since we had dinner plans in a few hours. He ordered a muffuletta. He wasn't aware it came with olives cuz I don't really like them.. He loves them but anything. Guess I won't let him order any longer. Even though I didn't care for the olives, the sandwich was pretty good. I loved the crispy bread. Portion is a bit small for a $10 panini but it's good excellence stuff. The mozzarella was so good. L also bought a small drink in a can for $2. Good snack but kinda pricey.

  • Betty

    5 of 5

    I don't really leave reviews, but I felt compelled to not take the time and appreciate what a great experience and enjoyment I've had at this store. First of all, once you walk in the store your notice is drawn to the amazing high hygiene this place keeps. The impression is so cozy that makes you enjoy more and more your cappuccino or the signature sandwiches (my favorite is La Capra Affamata). There is a huge variety of Italian crop on the shelves to choose from. The staff is very friendly and welcoming, and you can see it through their happy faces. I must admit that I drive 8 miles to come and grab a tasty sandwich here. Well, it's worth it.

  • Anthony

    5 of 5

    What a gem in the Forest Hills area. Decent coffee, great service, awesome meats. Will remind you of old New York. You're gonna hear some italian too, followed by a excess of emotions...

  • Lisa

    5 of 5

    genuine Italian venue, with great food and service. As a store, it has a lot of true Italian imports, many of which I haven't seen anyplace else in New York, and that I had only found back home in Italy. We had some pie, and it was tasty, and it was also still warm from the oven. We also ordered a cappuccino, which was was the real deal. The same I would get back in Italy, and not the "cappuccino" you can get at Starbucks. Also the staff was very friendly, and we had some nice chats in Italian.

  • Matthew

    4 of 5

    A lovely store that has loads of import items (typically Italian, but also some French & Spanish) and offers things that are usually hard to find in the area; like Mulino Bianco cookies and pastas you'll never see in the likes of Key Food. Prices are on the high side which brings down the rating by a star. If you're hungry, which you will be after looking around, they offer some prepared salads in a refrigerator part as well as made to order paninis and coffees. The paninis are outstanding, very reminiscent of those you would eat in Italy. Not overly stuffed , but the ideal balance of ingredients. The Prosciutto Cotto,Mozzarella & Mufuletta and the Pistachio Mortadella & Double Cream Brie both served warm on a wonderfully soft yet crisp and light ciabiatta were deliciouso. The meats were expertly sliced razor thin.

  • Nancy

    5 of 5

    Well well.. Not sure about others but I totally loved their espresso!! I did apply for to add very little steamed milk. Panna Cotta/creme brulee whatever it was.. Was delish but I did have to wait a bit till it was warmer. (Was in the fridge) Customer service is top notch from the ladies!! Let's keep this local store alive Note-there aren't many great option around for good espresso.

  • Daniel

    4 of 5

    Great little Italian stores with customary authentic Italian snacks and foodstuff. They serve sandwiches here as well as great coffee. Also another bonus is one and all here is happy from the customers to the servers! Awesome mompop shop to bring some little Italy to Forest Hills.

  • Karen

    5 of 5

    genuine Italian sandwiches, coffee and items. Staff is very friendly and make you feel at home. Also a great place to sneak away and get some work done thanks to the free Wifi. A true gem in FH!

  • Christopher

    5 of 5

    Everything I could perhaps hope for in a Italian area of expertise shoppe from frizzante water to the finest Sicilian olive oils in the liquids category. The dry goods assortment of breads, cookies and pastas (gnocchi for me) that one would need to travel into Manhattan for purchase are within a stones throw of my home. Pasta is good for you so grab a few cans of whole peeled tomatoes and whip up something delicious for the family. Most dry goods are closely placed within starch white cupboard looking shelves, excentuating the beautiful labels that identify the product and place.

  • Margaret

    5 of 5

    I happen to pass by here once and I was in awe of all the authentic Italian products they had. I bought a few pastries and coffee that were delish and bought some gifts for family. I'm hoping to come by this area soon to buy more items! P.S. there's abundance of parking in the area!

  • Charles

    5 of 5

    Tucked in here for a prosciutto, egg and fontina croissant. Whoa! It was totally and lovingly prepared. Melted and toasted just right. Loved the many other options on the menu and the italian grocery items. Great dining area! So coming back if I need italian goods.

  • Sarah

    5 of 5

    Very cute place with tasty food and coffee! A nice assortment of products for area of expertise food shopping or picking up a last minute gift.

  • Thomas

    5 of 5

    Bright, clean, fresh, real Italian deli - the way it is in the mother country. Welcoming, friendly owners, many options for meat and cheese lovers and - outstandingly - for vegetarians. Tart and delicately sweet and complex Italian sodas. Good desserts. Great coffee - ovviamente! An unexpected slice of Italy made all the more delizioso for being on boring Queens Boulevard, usually a wasteland if fresh, inspiring café options is what you want. Bravi! Bravi!! Bravissimi!!!

  • Jessica

    5 of 5

    I hardly ever comment about anything.....however, I MUST say that Cipollina is one of my favorite area cafe's. It reminds me of being in Italy whenever I hear the native language spoken and ofc the products being of Italy. I've also made it fairly a tradition to stop by almost every weekend for a cup or two of coffee (coffee lover). Whether I relax and/or do studies here; its definitely the place to be.....oh! free wifi w/ great connectivity. Overall- *Great business *Great staff *Great atmosphere I highly advocate you pay a visit and to the owner(s)/staff, keep up the good work!

  • Joseph

    4 of 5

    My girlfriend and I came here for lunch a couple of times over the past few weeks and were nicely surprised by the excellence of the food. The first time around we had the Il Fico panini which had prosciutto, brie and fig jam. The panini was a bit sweet but very delicious. The next time around we ordered the Truffle Melt which had prosciutto, tomatoes, truffle cheese spread and arugula. This sandwich was awesome, definitely recommend. Cipollina also has a variety of pastries that were quite good and there is even a shop in the back that has a bunch of products imported right from Italy. Nice little cafe, we will definitely be back to try a few more panini's

  • Richard

    1 of 5

    I typically avoid Queens Blvd at all costs for anything related to food, but this place I make an exception for. If only many more storefronts could learn from Cipollina, Queens Blvd would transform into a beautiful strip of taste instead of seeming like a bunch of mediocre to bad options. This place is clean, bright, and prearranged well for its shopping component. I love seeing authentic products from Italy here. I also love that this spot has half of its space devoted for sitting and just enjoy great coffee and sandwiches. I've come here 3 or 4 times already and the service is friendly, the ambiance is relaxing, and I especially love how much natural sunlight comes through (but it can get a bit hot as a result) because it makes the whole place so happy.

  • Barbara

    5 of 5

    amazing Italian area of expertise shop in Queens. The baked goods are made in house and smell SO good! Glad this market is around-I will not be shopping at Eataly anymore since Batali is an abuser.

  • David

    4 of 5

    How I have not exposed this place sooner I have no idea. This place is super quaint with old school proprietors but in a super clean and modern space. Came twice to pick up a bunch of cheeses and cured meats. There is a lot of diversity of dried goods as well and desserts and Italian specialty drinks. Service was very warm and love the older lady at the front. The only reason I'm giving 4 instead of 5 stars is bc I tried a panini sandwich (speck and Brie) and it was a lot of panini but not much Brie or speck. The panini was also dry and didn't taste too fresh. I would still try their other paninis and with any luck chalk that one time to an off day.

  • Elizabeth

    5 of 5

    I've been in this area since of jury duty and, two months in, I had started to give up on the idea of having a good meal. This place felt like paradise. I had the caprese painini; all the ingredients tasted fresh and delicious. Definitely a gem.

  • William

    5 of 5

    I was in the area for a doctor visit and wanted to find a lunch spot. The fact that this place had 5 stars fast grabbed my attention and I knew I just had to try it! Thank goodness I did... I LOVED THIS PLACE! When you walk in, you'll see a serving area in the front, seating area on the right, and authentic products sold in the back. My husband ordered the panini with di Parma and I got the caprese. Both were extremely fresh with stretchy mozzarella served on one of the best breads I've ever had (it's soft and super fresh. You know- the type that won't break your jaw nor was it re-baked from the freezer!). It's definitely high excellence.

  • Linda

    5 of 5

    Family run business, very friendly people. Love their panini, my all time beloved is the truffle melt, must try! If you are vegan/vegetarian, try the panini with grilled eggplant, roasted pepper and goat cheese. Their home-made cakes are also tasty. They have place to sit as well, so if you wanna work/study, that could be a good place for you as well. Their kale sald is also tasty.

  • Michael

    5 of 5

    Love love love! My go-to spot for tasty paninis! Nothing else like this nearby! The desserts are tasty too, if you're too lazy to stop in then try them on Ubereats.. you will be happy you did :)

  • Jennifer

    1 of 5

    They should get better their service a bit and be nice to costumers and that's how they're gonna keep their opened !!!

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