Cabana Cuban Restaurant

107-10 70th Rd
Queens , New York City, 11375
4 of 5 48 Reviews
Cabana Cuban Restaurant


Cuban cuisine and Latin cuisine


Established in 1995.

To provied a home cooked meal.

Phone No : (718) 263-3600
Website :
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  Reviews of Cabana Cuban Restaurant

  • Payton

    5 of 5

    Hadnt been here in several years but its just as great as I recalled. Two of us had the "La Playa" salad which was a burst of fresh delightful ceviche flavors: shrimp, scallops, avocado, tomato, cilantro, and lime. My friend had the "Tropicana" which was light and fruity. We shared an order of gravestones with mono. Dessert was a trio of warm brownies with coconut ice cream and shaved toasted coconut.

  • Karter

    4 of 5

    This place is very cute though the service is slow and isn't too great. They have average tasting entrees that are terribly expensive. I guess the appetizers slightly redeemed the entrees. Nearly everything on the sampler platter was delightful aside from the beef empanadas, and the plantain chips are great. But I wouldn't recommend coming here as it is very regular food at a very expensive price.

  • Matteo

    5 of 5

    I absolutely LOVE Cabana ! The steaks are so yummy ! The headwaiters are very friendly ! The food is delicious and the whole atmosphere is lovely

  • Donald

    2 of 5

    This place is overvalued. I've been here numerous times in the past. Try Miso's next door, the d├ęcor and food is on point. Plus you don't get the sensation as if someone is inactive on your lap, as you do in Cabana. No wait at Miso's

  • Angelica

    4 of 5

    Churrasco, shrimp, bacalaito w/avocado. It was all delightful. A bit pricier then what we predictable but defensible with deliciousness and great service (Marcos you are awesome!).

  • Journey

    3 of 5

    In all honesty, I wasn't really entirely awe-struck with this place. I came here last night with one of my friends and for a Friday night we were fortunate enough to be seated immediately because there was no wait, at least not yet. They sat us in the front of the restaurant, which technically is kind of like the back because the main dining area is near the actual back of the restaurant (go figure) Another thing is, I get that it was evening time and they were preliminary to get rather busy, but it took quite sometime to get water and as well as to get our order taken.

  • Scarlet

    3 of 5

    I came here on a reference of a friend and usually don't venture into Queens. A few of my Yelp friends have been here and valued it highly. Saturday night was very crowded and opted to sit in a tight space on the obverse of the restaurant. The waiter who was assigned to my table was a little impatient and at one point he was frustrated trying to explain the special and asked if we wanted a dissimilar server.

  • Lucas

    5 of 5

    The most tasty and astonishing foods. Awesome decor. Colorful and lively, faultless for relaxing after a long day or week. There's something special about the drinks. Enjoy a visit

  • Ainsley

    5 of 5

    Went to have an early banquet so around 5pm. We got seated directly. Ordered drinks and food all of which came quickly and correct. Order the To stones w/ Beef and Chicken (optional Shrimp - I can't have it): this was good Beef was better than chicken though. The Churrasco cooked to excellence and it came with Yellow Rice and Red Beans. I don't like the rice and beans touching each other on a plate, it's still gets varied so oh well

  • Bethany

    4 of 5

    First time coming here and I was really observing forward to it! My boyfriend raved about this place for quite some time so we decided to go on a Sunday night. The place was pretty slammed when we arrived but the hostess told us it would only be a 15 min wait, so we sat at the bar for a drink. I ordered a passion fruit mojito which was a little too sweet for me but still delightful. In no time they were calling our designations and seating usg

  • Julius

    5 of 5

    I've been coming to Cabana for years and let me just say it's some of the best food I've ever had in my life. I no longer eat meat but when I did, best believe I would continuously order the Churasco. It's a skirt steak served with chimichurri and pickled red onions. It will alteration your life

  • Gunner

    4 of 5

    I was pleasantly astonished by this place. The tostones rellenos we very good, although much hotter (temperature) than I expected which caused me to burn my entrance a bit. Notwithstanding that we were very pleased with our meal. Service was good as well

  • Dallas

    4 of 5

    I've worked near this place for years, I finally ongoing trying it out about a year and a partial ago and loved it. I always go with the Classic cubano since it's not that easy to get a good cubano around here. The pork, cheese and just about everything is perfect with it. One thing to keep an eye out for is their lunch singular

  • Braylen

    5 of 5

    This is one of my family's preferred places to eat on Austin Street! The place is small and thin- so keep that in mind if you're not small or narrow or went shopping before you stop in for a bite. There typically is a wait that can be ridiculous at times. My favorite meal here is the skirt steak! I don't know what's in that lime sauce but it is addictive!! I also had the meat dish which was really good.

  • Cruz

    3 of 5

    I was excited to visit this place for the first time especially with the recommendation of my friends. We well-ordered their calamari special and plantains chips. The chips were a hit with the garlic sauce but the calamari was very bad. It was fried in a very old dark grease that had a heavy unpleasant aroma to it. Then the paella was 70% rice and 30% seafood like 4 clams, 3 mussels, one shrimp maybe and 3 thin pieces of sausage

  • Fabian

    5 of 5

    Outstanding! I went a while back and forgot to review. My gosh it's worth the drive, hard space and the wait. I went for a quick lunch break I had the salmon with black rice (arroz Moro- the dish was not on the menu- I guess made to order- I ordered anyway) it is placed on top of a thick fish sauce (not sure). I'm not really into seafood of any sorts but fish is my exclusion a large piece of salmon seemed a little copying. But man it was extraordinary! So so sooo good. With a side of plantains.YUM. My boyfriend had the skirt steak that was good as well

  • Judah

    4 of 5

    As always this place never dissatisfies. The food is always really good. I had the singular which was the salmon over black rice in a lobster sauce and it came with 2 empanadas. And my date had the skirt steak with shrimp and plantains. Both entrees were great. We also ordered a pitcher of sangria ethic was good but could have been a bit better. Didn't seem to have that much alcohol in it, almost as if they digit to put a shot of alcohol in it.

  • Dean

    2 of 5

    It's a attractively ornamented Cuban restaurant with great music and attentive staff. That's about all I enjoyed. Mojito was okay. Varied drink menu, typical cuban fare but no taste that reminded me of the food I grew up on. Plus, I didnt see any arroz morro on the blackboard and that killed me. Calamares fritos (fried calamaries) were tough and chewy. The spices added did nothing to the flavor. It was not new nor enjoyable to eat.

  • Brendan

    5 of 5

    Came here for a solo dinner during a stay night around 5pm. I had the tostones rellenos for an appetizer and the salmon over black rice with lobster sauce. Everything was really tasty and the portions are large. I would certainly return to this place and next time I'll transport some friends

  • Martin

    5 of 5

    My favorite steak in forest hills. Definitely escorted with yellow rice and beans. Offer lunch specials such as "pollo al ajillo". Delicious. Also try their mojito that come with an actual stick of raw darling cane

  • Luca

    5 of 5

    What a nice Hispanic food gem in Forest Hills... Service is great even during busy hours (Friday, Saturday evening). Everytime I've come with a crowd of 2 or more, wait went rather quickly. The waiters were patient, attentive, and friendly. Drinks are pretty good- my go to capirinanas or a jack mojito, but apparently all drinks have been a hit with crowd I've been with

  • Tyson

    4 of 5

    Delicious Cuban food for a great price. I well-ordered the steak churrasco while my sweetheart has the ropa vieja. The steak was loving and fresh with all the herbs from the chimichurri. I liked the ropa vieja slightly more because the rice was sitting in all the meat juices. The rice and beans were tender and out of sight. As if it weren't enough food, we also well-ordered the tostones with cheese.

  • Alondra

    4 of 5

    Delicious Cuban food for a great price. I ordered the steak churrasco while my girlfriend has the ropa vieja. The steak was tender and fresh with all the basils from the chimichurri. I liked the ropa vieja slightly more because the rice was inactive in all the meat juices. The rice and beans were loving and out of sight. As if it weren't enough food, we also ordered the tostones with cheese

  • Hector

    5 of 5

    This place is Perfect small amazing food Astonishing Drinks ! Wife and I Were agreeably astonished how Great the food really was !!!

  • Alexis

    5 of 5

    I'm not going to write something lengthy because all I can say was, the food was GREAT! And the drinks were yummy!!!!

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